Coming to La Livinière...

When you come to La Livinière, time steps back a little, that same time that is always missing in our busy lives. Here we live with all kinds of times: the past, the present and the future. We also live with the weather which gives us the wind, the rain and the sunshine. The different times and the weather guide me through my tasks as an artisan wine maker, like tilling the soil, trimming the grapevines, harvesting the grapes, the aging and the bottling of the wine, always looking forward to creating a unique wine.

Here, we take the time to let the wine reveal itself, to patiently wait for it, to find the most beautiful words to talk about it.

When it's finally ready and offers itself to us, we still need to allow it to open itself to us in a glass...a little like a beautiful flower.

So take the time to savor it and enchant your taste buds, to let it tell you the story of our ancestors who sculpted the grapevines, the story of nature and our passion, the story of our work of love for many generations.



© Château Faîteau