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A Family run winery, established in 1920, we are located in La Livinière in the Haut Minervois region, in the foothills of the Black Mountain, with lots of sunshine and an exceptional Terroir.


The first bottles of Faiteau came out in the year 2000 with a unique personality. A selection of the terroirs and of the grape varieties.

Building of the tasting room adjoining the winery.


We work the entire vineyard following strict environmental protection methods.

Certified organic .

We reclaimed the hillsides which were abandoned and replanted them following our traditional methods. They now provide us with quality grapes with interesting particularities. 

 Most of our harvest is done by hand to respect the quality of the grapes.

 Bottling is done at the winery. The wine is then aged in the bottles for a few months before getting to your table.


We'll continue our work towards quality and the preservation of our local heritage through our actions, our wines and our identity. We will continue to be winemakers in a garden landscape, our landscape mosaic, and to deliver the reflection of Nature in each and every one of our bottles.


Stéphanie Arnaud

Jean-Michel Arnaud



An idea that started in 1987 thanks to a handful of winemakers, came to fruition with the first cru to be recognized in the Languedoc in February of 1999 .

The Cru La Livinière was born.

The first plantings were carried out out by the Roman colonizers, and in 1069, one can already find mention of the village "Lavineira", which means "a place planted with vines". What follows will confirm the exceptional terroir of La Livinière, a mixture of limestone, pebbles, sand and clay where alluvial deposit and erosion have patiently carried out their work.

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